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Soft, Sexy Curls with your Magic Leverage

soft curls with volume 210x300 Soft, Sexy Curls with your Magic Leverage

This style should be started on mostly clean hair. Greasy hair will not hold up. Hair needs to be completely brushed out and you need to put a little bit of gel into your hair, mostly at the roots to give it some lift with this style. This style looks really hot with hair that is a few inches past the shoulders or longer. It won’t work on shorter hair.

Pull out heated rollers – larger ones that are about 1” around. You might be able to get away with ¾” rollers, but they will give you a bit more curl and not quite as much volume. When you are using curlers, you still need to go section by section but you can start at the top of your hair. You don’t have to clip back any parts, though. Start your curls going out, not under when you roll them. That is one of the biggest things to remember. That is part of what gives the curls the lift.

Where your bangs are, put the Magic Leverage in facing out, but position them so the hair in front will lay out the way you want it to lay. Once you have all of the Magic Leverage curlers in your hair, leave them in for about 15-20 minutes. You are supposed to leave curlers in until they cool and then start taking them out. But 15-20 minutes seems to work well too.


Start to take each curler out, this time you will want to start from the bottom. Work your way around until you have taken each curler out. Once you have taken all of your curlers out, you can lightly mess with your hair fluffing it just so that it is in the place you want it to be. Spray a little finishing spray and you are ready to go.

Magic Leverag Make Charming Curly Hairstyle

The best hair do for the sunny days is clearly curly hairstyle fashion. Curls are perfect for the both, formal and informal occasions. If you don’t want to have them for a long time ( made by professional, the curls can last for a couple of months), you can make them at home with Magic Leverag. There are many tricks and tips to do extraordinary and trendy curly hairstyle.

Long Curly Hairstyle

You can see wavy hairstyle everywhere. Some celebs don’t change this style for years and they are very known by it, such as Guisele Bundchen. Also the red carpet is “flooded” by curls. There are many types of wavy hairstyles and you can experiment on your long hair. You should only learn the technique. You can’t be wrong with the curls, they look fantastic, especially when your waves are shining! And the wild waves…my favorite!

long wavy hairstyle 640x798 240x300 Magic Leverag Make Charming Curly Hairstyle

Earthy Girl: magic leverag Long Loose Curls

Fashion show 014 200x300 Earthy Girl: magic leverag Long Loose Curls To achieve long loose curls it is important to properly prepare the hair first. Without preparation those curls will fall out by the end of the night. To start preparing, first you need to apply heat protective products. I am a huge fan of Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique, but any protector will work. Then you will want to start curling the hair in small sections. Once you take the curling iron out of the section, you need to keep the curl rolled by using a bobby pin to secure the curled section to your scalp. Continue this process until the entire head is curled. After the hair has completely cooled off, you can begin to take the pins out. After all of the pins are out you can gently run your hands through the hair, this will help you achieve long loose curls. Then after running your hands through the hair, apply hair spray to finish the look. Now you have achieved long loose curls that will last all night! Below you will find my example of long loose curls. – See more at: http://www.magicleverag.org3 199x300 Earthy Girl: magic leverag Long Loose Curls 2 287x300 Earthy Girl: magic leverag Long Loose Curls